Monthly Archive March 2016









From Left to Right [Mrs. Mamodiehi Lehodi – PRINCIPAL OF BREAKTHROUGH CLINIC SCHOOL, Mr. Patric Pinkoane: ACTING PRINCIPAL – GOLDFIELDS TVET COLLEGE, Mrs. Melani Mpheletso: Registered Nurse- HARMONY MINE, Mrs. Lucy Losaba: Deputy Director: ACADEMIC AFFAIRS- GOLDFIELDS TVET COLLEGE]

As a public entity the College is concerned of what is – or should be the relationship between the global corporations, the local authorities, non-government organisations and individual South African citizens. More locally; the College is concerned with its relationship flanked by administrative bodies in local government and the society in which it resides and operates.
Of our paramount interest, we deem developing and upholding a good relationship concerning all stakeholders associated with the College as essential in order for the College to address its Corporate Social Responsibilities.
This is why the College Executive Management endorsed an act of altruistic behavior towards the Breakthrough Clinic School for the Behaviourally Challenged Pupils by donating 20 Personal Computers and 30 Plastic Chairs on the 22nd of March 2016.
The College hopes that by bequeathing these resources to the recipients, it shall have achieved its mantra inference by leading, educating and developing its stakeholders at all phases; also contributing to the address the intention and vision of the chapter 9 of the 2030 National Development Plan by improving education, training and innovation.

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